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Tek 2232 just before the repair attempt

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My 2232 seems to begin to fail.
It is starting well, no error messages.
In Storage mode the Display is showing the Wave and Information correctly for a half of second. After that there is a approx. 5 sec. pause while only the no store mode waveform is visible without any character generator sign, no text at all.
Then the Display loops again with showing all for about a half second.
When disabling the Digital Store mode everything is normal again.
My guess is, that the power supply is getting worse and I would measure the output of the 5Volts and the other voltage.
I do have a service manual in PDF. On 5-4 there is the speak about  "Adjustments Locations 1 at the back of this Manual for location of test points and adjustments."
Unfortunately this is missing.
So before I begin to open the device I would like to know where to find the Test points mentioned at Page 5-4 Table 5-2 and 6-13 Table 6-8

FYI: I do have a spare simple DSO to watch the ripple as well.

David Hess:
Figure 9-10 which is at the beginning of the diagrams and circuit board illustrations shows these test points on the bottom of the main board.  They are not well marked in the diagram.

The 2235 service manual has a much better diagram showing the power supply measurement test points along with the adjustment locations on the main board.

Thanks, found them! :-+
Now, after repairing the dishwasher -- HIGH Priority!-- I will look at this.

David Hess:
I think you are on the right track and have the right tools for the job.  The first thing I would check is the power supply levels and ripple with a voltmeter and oscilloscope.

Couldn't resist and took a first look.
I'm surprised The Manual say + 5.0V W9068  Range (+5.75V to +5.25V )

I see two choices. They mean 5.5V then the Range is ok, or the Range is wrong and should be 5.25V to 4.75V
Here we speak from normal TTL ICs they take 5.0V so the Range is an Error, isn't it?
I measure 5.1V btw.
Ripple measuring is pending


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