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TEK 465 repair of DM44 unit Searching for LD111A



  New to this forum  and I'm not much good at electronics,  but I try ;-)

I'm trying to bring a recently failed VFD back to life, and pulled out the TEK 465 to poke around on the control boards.   I've replaced a pair of diodes and a small cap,  but have yet to discover the failure.  Typical....

What I did discover is the DM 44 section on the TEK465 is on the blink.   It has had problems in the past that have been made right by re-seating the A_D converter IC.

A pass through the service pages for the DM44 points to the A-D converter area. The IC is a LD111A .  I have not been able to locate 1 piece to replace this suspect device.
On line brokers seem to go for higher part qty.

Also,  It appears that the LD111ACJ is the present day replacement.  TRUE? a direct interchange? 

Suggestions on source or replacement part?




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