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Looking to buy a first cheap analogue scope and have been looking at Teks for a while now. This one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tektronix-468-Digital-Storage-Oscilloscope-/280979489160?pt=BI_Oscilloscopes&hash=item416baec188 poped-up on fleabay for about $100 including shipping. Since it is listed as "For parts or not working" I'm curious to know if this series is generally repairable (i.e. how much unobtainium parts does it have?). Of course it could be working just fine. As a follow-up question, generally what are good robust and "fixable" analog scopes to purchase ? I know Jim Williams recommends the Tek 547 or 556 but I couldn't find one at a decent price.

Thanks for the heads up!


Paul Moir:
The fact that it's showing a trace suggests the CRT is good.  That series uses some tunnel diodes in the analog section (triggering) which are hard to find, but most are fine.  My 465 had some bad solder joints in the input attenuators which made some vertical ranges not work, but that was an easy fix.  That's a bit of a common problem; they're ceramic modules and use some sort of special solder for their pins.  Other than that, I can't think of any irreplaceable unobtainium in there.

Since there's nothing demoed on the digital section, I would presume it to be non functional.  There are some proms and stuff in there.  But mostly fairly standard parts throughout.  If you just want it for the analog, it may be fine for that.

The TekScope group on yahoo groups (unfortante, I know) is a *great* resource.  I'd join up if I were you and search it for 468 specific problems.  There's (at least) a 465 service manual out there:  google boat anchor manual archive.

These tek scopes are works of art. 

(PS - I got my 465 for about $125 locally but mostly working with a few Tek probes.  Sometimes these are coming from techs that just want them to go to good homes.  That's the best way to buy them.  Personally I think you could possibly do a bit better, but you may have to hunt or wait more.)

This is great news, thanks a lot Paul. I think I'm going to make the jump and get it. I am in it just for the analogue end for now (planning on getting a new DSO in a few months), and if worse comes to worse looking for faults and trying to repair them will be a great teaching experience, so really I don't think there's much to loose for this price. Thanks a lot also for mentioning the Yahoo group, I'll definitely go there when this fine beast arrives.


The scope is probably fully functional and only needs minor calibration (I hope I'm not being too optimistic here). The 468 is a combined digital/analog scope. The thing that can fail is the AD converter. However that is very unlikely. And even if it does you can still use the scope in the all analog non storage mode which completely overrides the ADC and connects the inputs directly to the vertical output amp.

For that price you can't beat it.

Alright the deed is done, I just bought it! I guess I only needed a minimal push from the forum wise men, and the endorsement from you Tekfan was more than I needed  ;D

I will try to remember updating this post with pictures and comments when I receive it.

Thanks again for the help!


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