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TekScope TDS5000B don't want to reinstall on fresh OS [Workarounded, fixed]

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Fixing up TDS5000B scope after failed HDD. Reinstalled new OS (Win2K Pro SP4), got Tek drivers installed and working, but TDS5000B_2.0.11 software package does not want to install. :(

I have recovery CDs which came with scope, but they don't want to work either, telling me that they are for different motherboard  :-//.

Any hints how to let TekScope app install? I tried to import registry keys from original HKLM/Software/Tektronix into new OS, still gives same err  :rant:

Old TDS5000 TekScope app installs fine, but obviously does not work.

I'm not as smart as you but you may find tips in this old post, but it is winME version anyhow OP manage to find HDD image and get scope to work and reload with win2K but he did not followup whether he suceed or not.He also loaded an older version of tekscope TDS5000 which did the trick. Good luck.


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Re: Help! Need recovert CD for WinME version of TDS 5054
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Woo hoo!  I got it running again!

I managed to locate a hard drive image from a similar scope. It locked up on boot at first, but after booting in safe mode and removing TekScope and installing the older TekScope version it seems to run fine.

There are WAY more drivers on the hard drive than were in the software package. It looks like only the recovery CD contains those drivers. I used the built in drivers to get the touchscreen and thermal printer working, as they weren't initially.

Oops! I messed it up running sysprep and trying a non-OEM Windows 2000 key, so I'm going to reinstall Windows 2000 from my own CD and pull the drivers I need from the hard drive image I received. I'd prefer not to be running the donor's OS key.

I've ordered a $64 32GB PATA SSD for this thing, too.  Hopefully that helps me out a bit on boot speed.
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Old software for non-B version does not have this check.


--- Quote from: TiN on November 03, 2016, 02:43:07 am ---I have recovery CDs which came with scope, but they don't want to work either, telling me that they are for different motherboard

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In an eBay listing for TDS5000B Series Operating System Restore CDs, the seller mentions that they're intended for use with a specific serial number range (SN B020000 to SN B029999, in their case). Page 6-65 of the service manual provides instructions for "Installing the PC Motherboard Serial Number". Might the serial number be key to successfully installing the oscilloscope software?

It's possible that the recovery CDs may not tally/belong with this particular scope where it came from. A company may have more than one but the person in charge of these things may not be aware as the scope came fully loaded
and running. I have similar experience with Acer computers of Taiwan when it says "this is not the computer" the software belongs to. :)


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