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Tektronix 2215 repair project.


I have recently received a non-operational Tektronix 2215 O'scope.

I've found a couple of things so far, one being an item I can't fully identify, because I'm not familiar with the schematic symbol.

From the Service Manual I have that it is "LAMP,GLOW:90V,0.3MA"

I have tried to find this on Digi-Key, Mouser, Jameco, Futurlec, Goldmine Electronics, and a few other sites but have not found a match.

Any help with finding a suitable replacement, or using others in series would be the same?

If someone could look at the schematic and let me know. I will also attach a picture of the item.

It is a small neon bulb------they commonly fire at 90 volts.
Tektronix use a lot of them--often they are only "on" under fault conditions.

Not sure about in your case.

Sounds like a standard NE-2 (A1A) neon lamp to me...


From what I can see of your circuit, I don't think these lamps are going to cause a non-operational issue. They look like they are used as overvoltage protection devices, to protect the Z-axis driver transistors from high voltage breakdown in case of a transient arc inside the CRT. They most likely never light unless the CRT or other component arcs over.  The broken one should be replaced, though...

I agree, I don't think this is going to cause a non-operational issue, but I would like all of the known issues to be fixed before looking any (or much) deeper.

I have also found a broken leg on a MOSFET that I will be replacing, or at the very least re-attaching the MOSFET leg.

There's an area on the bottom of the main board that is browned that I have a feeling I should inspect a little closer on the top side, unfortunately this area is under three stacked boards that holds all of the front panel controls.

Thanks for the links, I'll take a look at them a little deeper at them and figure exactly what part numbers to order. I didn't seem to be able to locate them through the search engines earlier.


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