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Tektronix 2445 repair.

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--- Quote ---sweet!  Maybe the old one also has the missing Scale Illumination control knob too!  Nice to have a carcass to cannibalize for parts!
--- End quote ---

Not clear it has the knobs under the CRT but the trigger/position knobs are the same IIRC

Actually I wouldn't mind buying one or two - PM me with a price if you're interested in sharing your junk room find.

 :-+ good repair, enjoy the scope.

Congratulations for a great repair thread, mint photos and dialogue and most of all the successful outcome. And a parts donor for the future. Nice.

That 2445A 'scope will be nothing but a box of parts once I am done with it.

As far as I remember, all of the knobs were present when I found the instrument. The CRT control knobs need to be removed in order to get the front bezel off.


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