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Tektronix 2465B Tear down and rejuvenation
« on: April 09, 2016, 05:55:59 pm »
Hello Everybody,

This my first Post in EEVBLOG. I would like to gather and share some Ideas Tip and Tricks relating to the recreation of Veteran Scopes.

My experience in using Oscilloscopes in general and spectrum analysers is modest.

I had once owned two Tektronix 485 and because I got them almost for free I didn't appreciate their values and I sold them for very fair prices. As I once needed one I found a Philips PM3295 which was as good as a Tektronix and sometimes I found it much better. But I could easily trigger a bit more than 500MHz with both.

Then I sold the Philips PM3295 and bought an RF explorer thinking it would do the job of testing and exhibiting Signals of VCOs, but relying only on RF Explorer in that matter was inconvenient. So I decided to buy an Oscilloscope. I bought the PicoScope 3206 and the Tektronix TDS350. I immediately put the PicoScope to Sale and was glad to get rid of it! Being used to analog oscilloscopes I thought that the TDS350 is faulty until I watched this video:

But I wasn't satisfied with TDS350's bandwidth so I put it on sale, and I immediately got the Tektronix 2465B.

Inspired by all I read on the matter of faults, leaking capacitors and NVRAM battery refreshment I prepared myself for the job of rejuvenating the oscilloscope.

So, as soon as I received the instrument, I opened it and embarked on dusting and cleaning and immediately clad the U800 with a temporal copper plate and thermal compound to relief it and cool it once I switch the oscilloscope on.

Now, I am happy to see the traces on the screen, but I can't tell how good or bad and how many hours this instrument has undergone and how accurate and fresh the calibration is  for  I have to read in the manual and get help from experienced people on how to tell how good is all.

After finishing the job with capacitors and U800's heatsink I intend to back up the NVRAM's battery. I read part of this  interesting article on the matter

I understood how to crack the SD1225 and arrive at the battery, but not to tell whether I have to programme and read memories, as this is a lot of mystery to me yet.

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Re: Tektronix 2465B Tear down and rejuvenation
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2016, 03:46:39 am »
First, welcome to the Blog.

2nd, there is already a tear down and repair thread on the 2465 series here and you are welcome to join it...

3rd, if there are no self diagnostic fails during power up you can assume for the most part that the calibration is OK.

4th, if it hasn't already been done the capacitors on the invertor and power supply boards should be changed out. I have attached a spreadsheet from the Yahoo Tek group that is a listing of what should be changed. You should also consider joining that group.  And since you have a 2465B with a surface mount A5 board the tantalum caps on that board should be changed out too. 

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Re: Tektronix 2465B Tear down and rejuvenation
« Reply #2 on: April 10, 2016, 04:45:30 am »
Thanks med6753 for the reply and the suggestion, OK then I move to this thread:


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