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tektronix 2710 spectrum analyzer repair


I am working on Tektronix 2710. When i try to do set up factory default power up settings(utility menu - stored settings/desplays - factory default power-up) the following message appears." cannot overwrite saved display''.
Can someone tell me what does this means? And a solution to stop getting this message.
Thank you.


Thanks for the link. @casinada
seems like A,B,C,D registered were already containing stored data's. So when i tried to do a factory power on settings i was getting "cannot overwite saved display" message.
Solution: press save in display storage and then press each registers until all red and green lights across each registers are turned off.
               then again try to do the factory default power up settings(utility menu - stored settings/displays - factory default power-up). This         
               this time i dint get the error message.

The Tektronix 2711/2712 (and thus the 2710, which is the same, just comes with a different front keyboard) is a nice device. I owned one for many years and sold it a year ago to purchase a Rigol DSA815 as this had a tracking generator which is rare and expensive for the Tektronix.

One hint if you need to repair this device: Get the schematic / service manual of the 2712 from the Tektronix pages. There are in much better quality and the schematic (but the keyboard section of course) is 99,9% the same.

Alright. Thank you for the reference. @pinkus


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