Author Topic: Repair : HP 8753A Network Analyzer  (Read 19807 times)

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Re: Repair : HP 8753A Network Analyzer
« Reply #50 on: December 17, 2016, 05:50:22 am »
I have an 8753A as well. Based on the condition I don't think it has had that much use in its 30+ years. Guess it might need new caps. Now to find a test set for cheap to match the analyzer.

edit - decided to sell it.
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Re: Repair : HP 8753A Network Analyzer
« Reply #51 on: December 17, 2016, 07:40:15 am »
I'm not convinced you'll need to re-cap, remember that the dodgy cap crisis happened after these beasts where manufactured.

The main failure point of these is the CRT display section where the display goes mushy. I'm not sure if this is just age or the amount of use they've seen. Mine got increasingly bad to the extent where it was getting very irritating, I had to adjust the display unit pots almost every time I powered it up, although it was fine when I bought it in 2001. Bearing in mind I only switch it on for a total of an hour or so a month on average, I'd say it's age rather than use. Newscope came to the rescue, and while it's not a cheap solution it breathes new life into the unit.

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