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Tektronix CSA7404B/TDS7404B: Missing correct drivers for Display and PPC-Card?

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Like some others before, I got a CSA7404B without a hard disk. It contains an intel D845GVAD2 (E210882) mainboard and a dual ported grapics card with a Tvia Cyberpro 5202G graphics chip for the internal display.

(see photo 1/5)

I did read through the other TDS7xxx threads, but did not see this addressed. After installing a generic Windows 2000 and drivers for the mainboard, I'm facing 2 problems:

1) I cannot find a driver for the Tvia graphics card (that would work). Therefore, the internal display is not usable after booting. Only the onboard graphics works and the internal display stays at the W2k boot screen:
(see photo 2)

In the device manager I'm missing the driver for the Tvia graphics card and the PPC board:
(see photo 3)
Does sombody have a link or copy?

2) The second driver I'm missing is for the Tektronix PowerPC CPU Board.
I did find an archive called "Tek PPC Driver Win2K.rar" containing a folder named "v 1.11 Service". It seems to fit the hardware, but when installing, it's asking for "Drawbridge Driver Installation Disk", so the installation cannot be completed:
(see photo 4)
(sorry it's a German Win2k, that was the only disc I had)

That's the reason for the second exclamation mark in the device manager.

Grasping for straws, I did install "tds7154b_tds7254b_tds7404b_csa7404b_firmware_v5.1.3_066050014.exe" from the Tek website, hoping that it would maybe contain any of those drivers. But as expected it didn't and does not work.

Does anything like that sound familiar to one of you? Maybe you have a hint?

Thank you!


can you post you hardware ids of each errors

i'm gonna check in the 7254B  i have at my job  .......... and update this thread     i have some backup(s)


and  touch / power pc drivers in the tektronix zipped file

removed one file  ... it was not ok

Windows 2000 does not give me the Details tab with the hardware IDs. I tried the DVMGR_SHOW_DETAILS=1 hack, but it only seem to work for XP. Following this suggestion I used SIV:

Tvia graphics card:

--- Code: ---[1 - 01 - 0] <- [PCI Bus] <- SIV32X - System Information Viewer V5.70 CSA7404B::CSA7404B1

Tvia CyberPro 5202 - Vendor ID 10EA-5202-70000280-02  size 0100

Device Class          0x030000      VGA Controller
Command               0x0007        I/O Access  Memory Access  Bus Master
Status                0x0200        Medium Timing
[Y]Cache Line Size 8  2 ULONGs      Latency Timer 4 PCI clocks
[Y]Header Type 0x80   Prof IF 0x00  Built-in Self Test 0x00
Interrupt Line 11                   Interrupt Pin  0x01

ROM BAR (3.98GB)      0xFE9F0000    Alignment 0x00010000     64KB NA

BAR 0 (3.95GB)        0xFD000000    Alignment 0x01000000     16MB Anywhere in 32-bit space

--- End code ---

PPC board:

--- Quote ---[2 - 13 - 0] <- [PCI Bus] <- SIV32X - System Information Viewer V5.70 CSA7404B::CSA7404B1

Intel FW21555AB/BB Non-transparent PCI to PCI Bridge - Vendor ID 8086-B555-00000000-03  size 0100

Device Class           0x068000             Other Bridge
Command                0x0117               I/O Access  Memory Access  Bus Master  Write and Invalidate  System Errors
Status                 0x02B0               Medium Timing  Has Capabilities List  Supports  66MHz Speed  Fast Back-to-Back
[Y]Cache Line Size 8   2 ULONGs             Latency Timer 4 PCI clocks
[_]Header Type 0x00    Prof IF 0x00         Built-in Self Test 0x00
Interrupt Line 11                           Interrupt Pin  0x01

BAR 0 (3.95GB)         0xFC8FF000           Alignment 0x00001000      4KB Anywhere in 32-bit space
BAR 1 (I/O Port)       [Y]0xC800            Alignment 0x0800          2KB NA

Standard Capabilities  PCI         @ 0x0DC
  Power Management     Current D0  @ 0x0DC  D0 - Device fully-operational, no power saving

  Vital Product Data   [   VPD @ 0x0E4   ]

  PCI Hot-Swap         Compact     @ 0x0EC

--- End quote ---

Thank you for the files you sent. So here is what I get:

* Tektronix drivers.zip: Wohoo, this seemed to work! I had nearly the same archive but lacking the dbwdm files. Now some relais are clicking and the appcation at least starts to open! (image 1/2)
It fails due to lack of the correct video port, which does not seem surprising.

* x-2.02_20build_207.zip: This driver seems to have the right IDs, I  can assign it to the Tvia card. But it cannot be started and keeps an exclamation mark in the device manager. Will try a bit more there.

* Asiliant technologie wxpv251c.zip: This does not seem to fit anything I have.

can you give the hardware id  on the exclamation mark

go on its left click properties and go into the details panel, and go into the hardware id's selection,   and give me  the numbers

ok the motherboard video is installed ... and it misses the   TVIA things  it seems

here's the one coming from our 7254B

But  you have to copy it on the C:\   of the scope in a folder, and select the only *.inf  file in it and right click install  ....   

Or point the device manager error to install driver in a specified folder ...   that should do it

For the audio driver, you need to search you intel motherboard drivers  ...

Normally   you have the LAN, AUDIO, INF CHIPSET,   drivers to install     


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