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Tektronix TDS3012B CH 2 problem, help needed.


I picked up a Tektronix TDS3012B a while back. Channel 1 works great, channel 2 has a trace but will not display a signal. This unit was used in an industrial environment, servicing machine tool machines and a robotic production line. There is a good chance that the input voltage limit on ch 2 was exceeded at some point leading to component failure on that channel. There is no sign of burned or destroyed components. Has anyone any idea which component(s) could have been effected. Thanks in advance!

Ch2, show not in all range Signal ?

I have a  TDS3014, it doesn't show signal  in 100-200-500mV Range and other range works with distortion.

Hybride is dead, normally not fixable, you need Motherboard and very good solder skill.

It is a TDS3012, not worth ->  keep/sell for parts & repair of better TDS3000


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