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Tektronix TDS5054B: Record Length Option: Solved!

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I've acquired a Tek TDS5054B (Serial No. B022XXX) & in the process of repairing/restoring it (A write-up will follow.). It passes diagnostics & S.P.C. tests at present & shows probe compensation signal properly on all 4 channels (all credit goes to eevblog forum members, especially to TiN, Jwalling, thorswait, nsummy & magic), yet to perform detailed performance verification.

However, I'm unable to set record length to 16M (for single channel), it maxes out at 8M (8/4/2/) instead. TDS5054B comes with 16M (16/8/4) as default/standard option as per Tektronix product brochure & datasheet. Opt. 3M (for 16M memory) is not applicable for TDS5054B/TDS5104B.
(https://in.tek.com/datasheet/tds5000-series-digital-phosphor-oscilloscope & https://w140.com/tekwiki/wiki/TDS5054)

I've gone through various discussion threads here on eevblog forum but could not get any clear picture reg. this topic.

I've contacted Tektronix Tech. Support, yet to hear from them. I'll share their response here in this thread.

In the mean time, I was trying the Option Key Generator developed by other eevblog forum members; https://www.eevblog.com/forum/testgear/tek-csa7404-repair-project/msg484817/?topicseen#msg484817 (downloaded from here; https://0xacab.org/mitic/tek-ssc/-/tree/master as it's no more available on xdevs.com), it's supposed to work for TDS5000 series too. I tried to generate Option Key with 2M/3M (just to check) for my TDS5054B but the generated key was not accepted by the equipment. I tried to validate the default O.E.M. Option Key by using the validate utility provided with the tool, it detects the UID & Serial No. correctly but CRC fails. Probably TDS5054B uses a different CRC algorithm than CRC16.

It'll be great if someone can provide more details on this rather confusing TDS5054B record length issue.

Edit: Edited as per the suggestions received.

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I'm replying to my own post, hope someone will find the details helpful.

First of all, TDS5054B does need the Option for 16M (16/8/4) enabled/activated through 'Option Key'. I don't know why Tektronix has mentioned 16M (16/8/4) as default option in product brochure! (I've not received any response from Tektronix yet reg. this issue.)

As I've mentioned in the earlier post, the Option Key Generator did not work for my TDS5054B initially but it was the only viable option left for enabling the 16M Memory Option. I've decided to go through the code base (inline documentation helped a lot.) to find a way out. Even I've compiled a small data set comprising of Model No., Serial No., UID/Instrument ID, Option Key & Option Names from eBay Listings to have a better understanding of the key generation process. And the effort paid off, I could enable the 16M Memory Option (& many other software options) on my TDS5054B.

From reverse engineering, I've found that the existing code does not natively cater for the 'B' variant of TDS5000 series. With the help of the data set I've compiled & with some experimentation I could make it to work for my TDS5054B.

So, this utility works perfectly for TDS5000B series scopes too. I've not modified the code base yet to add support for TDS5000B natively but that won't be difficult (I'm not familiar with Python but the modification needs few lines only & is doable for me.). I may add the 'Augmentation Part' & put it in my github repo. (with the details I've reverse engineered from the Utility.) if it helps the community. In the meantime, if anyone needs help with the Option Key Generation for TDS5000B series, can send PM to me or can join the discussion here on this thread.

I would like to mention that the original work was done by other eevblog forum members, https://www.eevblog.com/forum/testgear/tek-csa7404-repair-project/msg484817/?topicseen#msg484817, I've just extended the feature set a bit. Without their excellent work it would never have been possible.

Edit: Edited as per the suggestions received.

I'm attempting to enable mine again. I might need your help. I need the CAN/LIN option  :-//

So for future people, I managed to figure the key code generator for TDS5054B. Feel free to DM if needed.


--- Quote ---So for future people, I managed to figure the key code generator for TDS5054B. Feel free to DM if needed.

--- End quote ---

I'm unable to send you PM as the Forum Software is throwing 'No Space left in Inbox' error!


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