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TEX TDS320 cannot power up


hi, everybody

My TDS 320 suddenly shut down yesterday during the test.
when I push the on/standby button, nothing happen except the relay is clicking.
Dose anybody has the same issue before?

or any idea to start troubleshooting?
by the way, the fuse is fine.


Not my own experience but I know someone who had a similar issue with their 320, which of course turned out to be the good old electro's in the power supply gone dry.
That would be the first thing to do/ check / replace etc.

Pat Pending:
Similar problem with a TDS410A due to PSU 110/220 voltage detect failure.

In my case a smallish electrolytic was basking in the heat rising from a high wattage resistor directly below it. (PSU is mounted on its side). YMMV
This was located in region of the PSU towards the scope rear.

I should have left the leads of the replacement cap long and bent it away from the heat source.


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