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The PC motherboard POSTs every other time

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OK, the BIOS battery was a bit low at 2.5V, but replacing it did nothing exept resseting the time.

I got A BIOS POST card from a technician nearby, the code stops on 50 when it gets stuck

I tried different RAM configurations, and no changes.

The technician also gave me his testing GPU, and the system with the GPU installed never posts and gets stuck on 50 or d3.

It also stopped once on code 41 when I tried to unplug the GPU and plug it back in. And It might have stopped once on d1 with the gpu in alltough it might just be my imagination.

in the picture attached is the manual of the post card and the codes it gave me, not sure witch one should I look at.

If it's intel CPU (LGA package), try cleaning its pads with alcohol. Also look for bent pins in the socket.

It is an AMD system, the pins look straight

After torturing it on the bench with a hairdryer, contact cleaner, forgetting to plug the cpu fan back in, it now starts every time.
I don't know what I did, but it works now.

Hairdryer helped? If there are any electrolytic capacitors, check them for signs of leaking or bulging.


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