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The PC motherboard POSTs every other time

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The PC works, every other time.
When I try to start it, the fans and the harddrive spins up, but there is no disk activity or anything.
When I try to restart it, it boots up just fine.

I tried switching the power supply and the ram but it didn't help.
I concluded the issue is the motherboard, because in the system there is no external graphics card or anything else that could cause no POST.
I am hoping, since the board is half working if the issue could be fixed, if it could be a capacitor or something I could easily replace.

Firmware (BIOS in older motherboards) falling back to default/safe settings after a failed boot, allowing one start to correct invalid configuration and then using the incorrect options again?

I am not getting any messages or anything about the cmos being reset, time and settings are beeing saved.

During POST or in setup? I never seen anything like that being reported during POST either. It “just happens”: the system doesn’t boot, restarts, “safe” settings are used. I could only tell because there is a warning about that in the configuration.

But if it’s not firmware trying to restart into safe configuration, I don’t have other ideas to offer. Other than asking, if there actually is a pattern: how many times did you try and did you observe exactly that behavior every time, with no single exception?

I agree with that it may be bad BIOS/EFI settings causing the failure and a fail-safe default that works on the second try. Get into the BIOS settings and load defaults, set important things (date/time, SATA mode, boot device) then save, reboot and see what happens.


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