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Thermaltake smart m650w power supply repair


I have a thermaltake m650w power supply with a blown up chip (U3) but I can't read its part number. Does anyone know it?

The blown IC is a offline switcher IC from Power Integration.

They are a series of ICs with part number from TNY174P to TNY180P, with output ranging from 8.5W all the way up to 28.5W. Its use in the thermaltake power supply is to provide the standby 5V voltage so power rating should not matter very much. I would suggest you choose the TNY178P which is rated at 21.5W, or any one within the above series which you can easily obtain in your country. The "P" at the end of the part no. means plastic DIP package.

If you have difficulty in getting the TNY178P, try the more modern and recent TNY278P made by the same company. It has the same function and pinout.

I would also suggest you get several of them as they are not expensive. Remember, there might be other component damage in the power supply which led to the failure of this chip. After IC replacement, you should place a classic 40W~60W filament lamp(not CFL or LED) in series with the AC mains when first power up the circuit. If the lamp give a flash and become dark, your circuit is alright. If it shows constant high brightness, there are still faults in the circuit you need to check again.


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