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Thinking on modifying my car door locks to brushless

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--- Quote from: DavidAlfa on June 07, 2023, 09:59:28 pm ---So I've been doing some research trying to find a compact brushless solution fitting inside the lock itself, needing minimal modification.
--- End quote ---
Isn't just periodic replacing of $4 motor at driver door a better approach? For sure you can extend its design lifespan from 5 years to 10 years, maybe 12 years, if you switch to BLDC. But, then you hit another item on a wear-out list in that lock. So, convert the lock to ease replacing the motor. Service it similar way as you replace air filter, periodically, lets say once in 3 years.

If you even read anything, I'm not going brushless in the end, but getting a different motor type.
But it's up to me to decide how to invest my time, and I want to try improving that. So, where's the problem?
I also do it for the friends I have in a private group, we all have the same car.
The original locks are almost $200 each. Might last between 6 months and 5 years. It's a true lottery ticket.
I'm replacing only the motors, but while one is already 5 years old and still strong, I've replaced another 4 motors.
In total, it's been 7 motors in the last 8 years. And they newer break at the same time. So it's not all every 4 years. But a random one every 6 months or 1 year.
I don't enjoy removing the door panels, power windows, getting messy, breaking some brittle aging plastic bits every time.
Neither I will fell in the "get a new car" thing for some crappy locks!


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