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thinkpad motherboard flaw : can I power it from DC on battery connector

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I have successfully increased the battery charge and the laptop boots fine now. No longer displays the 0190 critical battery error at POST. Since the battery protection circuit stopped the current from external PS when the battery is full, I will probably solder cables directly on the board with an external connector to a 12V PS (with a large capacitor). When I find the Lenovo PS, I will check using the second USB-C connector but I have strong doubts it still accepts charge. I thank everyone for kind suggestions.
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according the type C recommendation, used for laptop, it will use 19V, so you can try to connect a fixed 19V DC.

hello testpoint1,
I would be glad if I could connect this laptop to the USBC port but, unfortunately, this is the one that burnt and the second one - still working - doesnot accept input power/Power Delivery. Since for me the only way to power this laptop is to use either a battery (nominal output 11.1- nominal input 12.6V) either a DC power supply. Logically, it should operate correctly in the same voltage range as the battery so that the laptop accepts this as a valid substitute.


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