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Title: Thurlby DSA511/524
Post by: Specmaster on September 25, 2021, 05:19:32 pm
I have this Thurlby DSA511 that I won on eBay and it powers up sometimes and not others but when it does, the controls are not operational and I have downloaded a service manual, in fact many of them from various sites, only trouble is that they are all the same one and when the original was scanned it was on a low quality setting and much of is unreadable, especially the schematics and the board overlays making pinpointing test points and component values almost impossible.

I was wondering if anyone either has a decent copy of the manual or can point me towards where I can get one from?

For instance, where the schematic might be readable, the drawing with the parts overlay is not and the boards themselves offer no assistance printing on them whatsoever.