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Thurlby Thandar PL310

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Does any one have a schematic and/or service manual for the above? I am trying to fix a fault with the voltmeter that causes it to show 40.95 regardless of the actual output voltage.

I have found a service manual see attached however this does not appear to be for the version that I have. Mine includes a PIC16C55 and dates from about 1991, this chip is not shown on the attached manual.

Thanks in advance

Based on comments from others here, if you contact TTi they should be able to help you.

Thanks IanB I will contact them in the morning.

I think I've got a pile of these in various states of disrepair. I might have a spare voltmeter board, will check on Friday. Can you put up a picture of your board?

Photo attached, sorry about the poor quality.


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