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TL866II-PLUS not enough current causing programming issues


Programming graphics cards.
Cannot program chip on board.
I suspect not enough current.
Is that something that can be fixed ?

its 50/50. Sometimes i can program but PCB has to be cold, sometimes i cant no matter what until i remove the chip.

You could try an USB-Hub with external Powersupply. But maybe it's time to upgrade to a XGecu T56 or RT809H. Both can be powered with an external PSU. Be aware there are T56 clones in the wild without DC Jack.

Where can i buy authentic XGecu T56 ?
Amazon lists few but their prices differ dramatically.

I bought my one from XGecu official store on Aliexpress. Plain device is around 160 Euro.

IIRC they also run an amazon store, all legit sources are listed on their site.


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