Author Topic: Tom Tom Via (Modern "My Drive Connect" Type!)–NO connection to My Drive or PC?  (Read 234 times)

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This question is about one of the new type Tom Tom Vias with "My Drive" type operation and NO access to the file system!

Can anyone suggest a reason why one of these will NOT connect to the "My Drive" app, a PC or an Android 'fone?

Before anyone says "there's a software update for these!!!", this device is of the type that CANNOT be connected to a PC to view the file–system – only their stupid "MyDrive" application can connect to this newer type of device, and the "My Drive" refuses to recognise the device!

Am I looking at an internal hardware fault? I was given this TomTom from a friendly colleague who couldn't get it to work on three of his PCs and devices either!

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It's an enigma that's what it is!! This thing's not fixed because it doesn't want to be fixed!!

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To activate MyDrive on your VIA, you must be connected to TomTom services.

To get TomTom services on your VIA, you need the following items:

    A smartphone with a data plan from a mobile services provider.

    A TomTom account.

Using TomTom services means that data is sent and received by your phone using your mobile services provider.

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