Author Topic: Toshiba C870 -1EX Motherboard is: PLF/PLR/CSF/CSR DSC MB REV 2.1  (Read 1325 times)

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Toshiba C870 -1EX Motherboard is: PLF/PLR/CSF/CSR DSC MB REV 2.1
« on: February 28, 2018, 05:37:37 pm »
Hi! I have the board from Toshiba C870-1EX, MOBO: PLF/PLR/CSF/CSR DSC MB. (As I have researched it's the same platform that's from Toshiba C850). So Board starts, but there is no Video (there is no external display either). A computer is taking steady 0.9 Amps when ON. The computer was working OK, in the evening they shut it off like always, but the next power on there was no picture on the screen. Measured all voltages present +VDDC_VGA, 1,5VS_VGA, +3VS_VGA,+DPEF_VDD18, VCCORE present, VCCRAM 1,5V, Signals RSMRST# is 3V3, PM_PWRBTN# (DNBSWON) from EC goes LOW on Switch button press, and then HIGH again after release. SUSCLK# is 1,6V (PWM 50 % Duty). LID_SW is 3.3V. I'm still waiting for a programmer to check bios, but if I understand correctly if RSMRST# is present than the bios should be fine? I will try to keep you informed if there is any progress.
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Re: Toshiba C870 -1EX Motherboard is: PLF/PLR/CSF/CSR DSC MB REV 2.1
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2018, 04:09:15 pm »
Hi, sorry for my poor English, I am repairing notebooks since 2003, on this motherboard %98 GPU faulty , there are two types gpu for this platform 216-0810028 HD7650M and 216-0833000 HD7670M . please measure jp8701 (near the pch bridge)against to gnd, if under 5 ohms than gpu really risky but if more than 5 ohms you try reball the gpu but gpus date code on the top starts 12xx means 2012 year xx weeks , 2012 gpus faulty. I am generally put %100 brand new 2015 year 216-0833000 on this mobo. If You search in net a lot of repair forum say same thing about 2012 gpu on this platform. c850 c855 l850 l855 models also use this mobo.
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