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Toshiba LED TV 40L1353N

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Has sound but no picture, the backlight is not at all working, I can see the picture when pointing a lamp to it.  I have 24V going to the LED's, all caps on the power board all are tested and good.

When turning on the TV power lamp goes flashing green/red for 9 times and then turn on green and stays like that. TV is about one year old.

If you have 24V going to the LEDs then they are probably in a string along one edge and one has gone open circuit. If you are very careful then you may be able to remove the LED light but the workshop needs to be very VERY clean to avoid getting dust between the parts of the LCD panel.

On the screen jack for the backlight there are 9 contacts. Two wires goes to T-con board, the others are 4x 24V and 3 are ground.

I don't have the other T-con to swap it, wonder could it be faulty?

Don't know about your TV specifically but on some sets there is a surface mount type fuse close to the connector on the tcon board.  Maybe you'll get lucky and it's just a blown fuse.

One pin that goes to the T-con is 3.3V, the other is 0.29V must be some sort of a logic signal.  Will in detailed test the T-con now.


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