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Hello all

I apologize for asking  such an easy question but I am working on an old akai receiver  aa-6600 and I need to replace a bunch of 2sc458 transistors. I had read somewhere  awhile ago that 2sc2240 was a suitable replacement. So I bought a bunch very cheap and started to replace them. Then I had printed out a data sheet and I saw that the specs are quite different.  Now I am far from an EE so if some of you guys could tell me if you thinks that the 2sc2240 is a close enough  replacement or do I need to buy another part no.


Mike M

At a very good guess, absolutely any crap will work.  2SC945, 2SC1815, PN2222...

2SC2240, specifically the GR grade will be a closer fit, but yeah, I doubt it matters at all.


Someone else will probably answer your question better than this but I wanted to throw this site out there for you:  http://alltransistors.com/

It helps to narrow down replacements and substitutions but I have to admit that I've only used it a couple of times.  It did work well for those times though.

I would Google it and get the datasheets then compare.

I did do that I just do t know how important the specs are and don't know what is ok and what might be too much.


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