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Tried to repair my girlfriends iPhone and messed up a bit :-/

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Hello All,

I tried to replace a broken power switch on my girlfriends iPhone yesterday which regularly is not such a hard task to accomplish and videos on youtube are such a great guidance that practically nothing can go wrong.

Everything went just fine until I started to reassemble things and managed to glitch with the screw driver while meaning it a little bit to good to get one of the last screws fastened.  :wtf:

So I kicked a tiny little resistor? right off the mainbord.  Go figure :rant:

To my great surprise the phone booted up and until now I received no complains or worse as feedback after this repair try.

What is that part and are there any later damages to be expected (should I start saving on a replacement) now that it is missing *sigh*



It looks like a resistor. Probably a pull-up/down resistor or a jumper. You really can't be sure for the consequences without a schematic. If it works for a week or so without problems... 


If it works fine don't worry about it.

If you really want to test the phone, and see if you can find any issues, i would start by looking at where those 5 nearby connectors go. If they each go to a sensor or module then you have some functions to start testing.

I did some more invesigation and the tiny piece seems to be an FL21 or in other words a filter for the front VGA camera.

So I guess as soon as this camera will be tried out again I will get what I deserve ;-)

Luckily it doesen't seem to be one of the most frequently used parts on that phone.

If it were my own device I would probably just jumper it to get it working again....

FL21 - filter choke for 2.85V supply to camera.

A jumper across it may be OK, or you can just find a suitable replacement like this:


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