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Troubleshoot Milwaukee 18V Charger

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My charger for my drills stopped working. I need this thing for work. The voltage coming out is very unstable 5V max on one of the terminal fins. The others are around zero to just a couple volts, also fluctuating. I tested to make sure the AC was coming in and it is. After that, I was just guessing and poking around with the DMM; that lasted 20 mins. I did watch some videos, but nothing was helpful.

All of the components seem to be in good condition visually--- except for a diode that looks odd. There are no signs of anything burning out, or smoke releasing though. I know what all the components are more or less. I just need a jump start on where to begin, or maybe there is something that I should start with after the input/output.

Sorry the pics are bad.

Thank You!

edit: The pictures got rotated in the wrong direction by the website.

Can you identify the markings on the ICs on the solder side of the PCB?

Two of them are legible. The third appears to have no markings. There was a layer of some type of glue dabbed on the top of each one that I carefully scraped off.

(HTSSOP14 ic chip? or IC MCU 16BIT 1K FLASH 14-TSSOP? ---- Brown-out Detect/Reset POR PWM WDT)

(P-Channel MOSFET Transistor)

The third one has 8 pins and looks like a timer. IDK what it actually is though.


AOD413A 40V P-Channel MOSFET:

MSP430F2001 16MHz MCU with 1KB Flash, 128B SRAM, timer, comparator:
https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1FpgOsxWYBuNjy1zkq6xGGpXa6/50-MSP430F2001IPWR-F2001-MSP430F2001-TSSOP14.jpg (photo)

Maybe this application note would help to visualise the circuit? There is a "Block Level Schematic" on page 3.

Li-Ion Battery Charger Solution Using an MSP430 MCU (Rev. B):

A common problem with the Milwaukee chargers is the cheapass electrolytic capacitors, the bottom tier CapXon, JWco etc. Like the 10uF, 47uF parts I think.
Just replace them, before you blame the IC's. The brownish glue is known to turn conductive with age, so scrape it off from HV areas.


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