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TTi PL320T-GP Service Manual or How to Remove GPIB board to allow PSU's to run.


I have just purchased in very nice condition 2 x PL320 psu's coupled up to a PL320T-GP GPIB unit.

I do not require the GPIB unit and planned to remove it and just run the psu's on their own, but on disconnecting the cables from the GPIB unit (and leaving in local mode) I get an error message being shown on both voltage readouts  :(

There must be a way to run these on their own, and presume it will just be a case of making a few more links on the psu units to work.

Any suggestions or relevant service manuals would be most appreciated.


I know from experience that if you write TTi and ask nicely, they will almost certainly send the user and service manuals to you.


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