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I had been using an old Digiquest DG3600 HD TV decoder since 2011 but it has a little issue from a couple of months: sometimes video signal goes off and it goes back in after 10-20 minutes and that happens only on the same channels. I've already asked to another final users forum and they've said the problem is just it's very old so there'd be some components that don't work properly anymore decodifying video signal.

I'd just want to ask you if it could be possible to understand if there's something wrong with the components on the PCB "by your sight" because I'd like to try to fix it, if possible and using only my soldering iron.
I can only say the caps look good at my sight and the only wrong thing I see is the rust on "WU10" and "WU11" components. You can see them in the "DG3600HD decoder scheda1 DSCN5565_2" pic upper central part, they're surrounded by wc52...59 caps . I can't exactly read the wu11 code but it looks like EC1002D Sa1178N-1.8 or something similar.

too high CPU operating temperature ages them
recoding ROM could help,maybe

My former HDTV-box had a similar issue, it got really hot and crashed to a halt. Installed a little fan on the CPU and all was well.

Consider that this issue occurs from the beginning, I mean as soon as I switch the tv&decoder on so I don't think it's related to any "overwarming point" after X working minutes. Consider that sometimes (not always!) the video is still ok within the menu, I refer to the small video in the preview channel list so it's a weird scenario imho. Finally consider that some of these channels have a HD version (eg. ch22 "normal" -> ch522 hd) and their hd version videos still run ok. Definitely there's no recursing scheme for this issue.
Final users in that other forum called this "bug", due to its age or/and a sort of sequence of operations done by me, so I hoped I could solve that changing/fixing something that relies to its electronics; am I on the wrong way here?

--- Quote from: strawberry on May 15, 2022, 06:57:10 pm --- recoding ROM could help,maybe
--- End quote ---
Do you mean to try with another fw? If yes, I've already tried. I've also tried a factory reset with no result, if this helps.

Are these of any use?




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