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Hi to everyone,
i wanna open this thread about restore of a Tek RSA3308A RSA3303A, WCA280 realtime spectrum analyzer.
If the hard disk dead, the instrument  became impossible to recover   :-BROKE.
It use a special Windows XP distribution from Tektronix ad is very difficult to find one.

I receive from an user an image of its WCA280 (the same family) but the instrument not recognize the calibration/configuration files and no trace appears

My question: someone could send me an image of its RSA3308 (if possible  ^-^) or a example of calibration files?

To share i have the image of WCA280.

Thanks in advance matteo

 Hello Mateo, it's me, Niki, i have also image of HDD from RSA3308 (Win XP), but result will be the same like WCA280 :((, also i have calibration data.


HI Niki, nice to see you!
Now my instruments with your wca280 image, start up and the application  run but no trace. i suspect that the instruments  not recognize the calibration files, or maybe the correct headers of that files.
Please leave me the calibration files, i want see if the header are the correct.
Thanks again, happy easter!

Hi, I take it you have tried installing the firmware for that particular device, direct from Tek??


It looks like you need to create a log in to get it, but i'd assume after that, that you could download it and then install it on the device?

Yes i tried different version but the system, not recongnize  as 33008 due to the calibration/configuration files (they are in the same folder). In fact there is a configuration file where it recongnize the option and the type ( in my case a wrong wca280), i add in this file the tag  3308A  insted of wca280 but nothing . It someone could leave this files i try.
There is also a small  memory in dip format, l've a dump, but nothing to undestand inside
Thanks Matteo


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