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Unified tektool released ! (Firmware flash tools for old Tektronix TDS series)

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Hello people

What is  unified tektool ?  It is  a tools, which can  dump and write over GPIB memory of Tektronix TDS with 3 digit serie. (except  TDS200/300 Series)

Reason for  my project with  "unified tektool"
(Long story)
 Short story: tekfwtool  can't support other than  Flash 28F160S5 (which it is using in later TDS 500D/700D series) and other tektool can only 28F016SA (use in  C & early D serie).  Need for tools for flashing of older instrument is high.
(Whit this tektool/tekfwtool , you can read and write memory of old instruments, but not program of flash)

I have write tektool, which support  all flash type  in  old TDS serie, it use auto-detection for flash-operation. Since TDS540 with  28F010 up to  TDS784D with 28F160S5.
A little disadvantage:  Program of flash take much more time (up to 40 minute for unit with 28F020, most ~12-15 minute, with  NI PCI-GPIB) Programming with USB-GPIB-Adapter take nearly one hour.   tektool & tekfwtool is faster (page programming /small 68k code )
A side notice:  unified tektool can also flashing firmware to old TDS400 and new TDS400A serie. (It  was a bit difficult, i guess, my TDS420 has not so good flash) But it is POSSIBLE ! :-) (my TDS430A corpse with TDS420 CPU live again)

Supported flash:

--- Quote ---      //0x01a7  = 28F010 (AMD)            
      //0x012a  = 28F020 (AMD)            
      //0x89b4  = 28F010 (intel)            
      //0x89bd  = 28F020 (intel)            
      //0x89a0  = 28F016SA
      //0x89a2  = 28F008SA
      //0xb0d0  = 28F160S5   
--- End quote ---

How to use ?
Connect GPIB cable to o'scope.
 Important step: switch unit to "unprotect" and power it -> unit start into bootloader mode.
After success flashing  ->  switch back to protect.
TDS500-700 serie
TDS400 serie

--- Quote ---0.)identify of flash type (optional, recommend)
   put of  string "tektool -i  -b 0x1000000 -l 0x10"

1.)save of  nvsram  (not for TDS400 serie, unknown address)
   put of  string "tektool -r  example.bin -b 0x4000000 -l 0x20000"  (recommend  0x100000)
2.)save of old firmware
   put of  string "tektool -r  example.bin -b 0x1000000 -l 0x400000"  (by 28F010 = 0x180000, by 28F020 = 0x300000 instead 0x400000)

3.) fill zero to flash ( only for old flash as 28F010 and 28F020)
   put of  string "tektool -z   -b 0x1000000 -l 0x10" 
4.)clear of firmware
   put of string "tektool -e -b 0x1000000 -l 0x10"
5.)flashing of firmware
   put of string "tektool -p  example.bin -b 0x1000000 -l 0x400000" (by 28F010 = 0x180000, by 28F020 = 0x300000 instead 0x400000)
6.)writing of nvsram (optional, not for TDS400 serie, unknown address)
   put  of string "tektool -w example.bin -b 0x4000000 -l 0x20000" (recommend  0x100000)

(VERY recommend:  Switch unit off and on, before verify of firmware. Pleas wait 10 seconds after power-it , then switch  protect-switch to "protect" for  safe verify.)

7.)verify of firmware (optional)   
   put  of string "tektool -v example.bin -b 0x1000000 -l 0x400000" (28F010= 0x180000, 28F020 = 0x300000 instead 0x400000)
   "example.bin"  , you can  calling him as you wants, but "*.bin is important.
--- End quote ---


All firmware of flash except   28F010 and 28F020 is  "0x400000" (4 MB ) length
28F010 (TDS540 and similar) , "0x180000" (1.5 MB) length
28F020 ( TDS544A, old 700A-Serie)  , 0x300000 (3 MB ) length
NoticeĀ²:  -l = length, little L, not big I

And the most important notice: It is your risk, pleas don't hit me, if your unit is bricked.

A little bad news: C-sourcefile, i want not at frist to publish it. Because i don't know about law & right.    It is heavy modified  tektool.c to  cover all old TDS-instrument.  And: I have strange  c coding style. I am offended/insulting often for this style. :palm:
@ragge, you can contact me for getting of c-sourcefile.

Here a compiled  tektool for using with NI-Adapter  (GPIB0, IEE488.2 driver from NI) and Windows PC (7 & 10)

I can compile executable file for you.
Pleas give me   sourcefile  from your  GPIB adapter (Agilent, whatever) and i compile for you.
Sourcefile is most *.h file and *.c or  *.obj. Pleas read programmer manual from your gpib adapter.


Thanks. Tested working on TDS620B (Flash type: 28F008SA). GPIB adapter used: 82357B, on Win 10.

Oh,   it runs with agilent adapter.  But  50 Minute for program is damn slow !
Program on 28F008SA time take with NI PCI-GPIB ~14 minute.

But, most important:  It runs.

Can i get  TDS620B Firmware ?


Yes, of course. For NVRAM I used the "0x04000000 -l 0xa0000" address. I think its possible to convert a 620B to 644B and beyond but I haven't really tried anything.

TDS620B Firmware cover also TDS684B,680B , 644B, 640B and 620B.
(I have open this Firmware with notepad++ and search "TDS 620B". TDS620B is not alone.)
In this case,  swapping of acquisition board is enough.
But thanks for  firmware, i  am collecting of firmware for  puplishing at someone time.

A little notice: It exists few instrument with hole of 384kb between  128kB (important) and  512kB (not important, only waveform, etc) NVSRAM.  Only  TDS500A (probably also TDS600A ) Series have  512kB NVSRAM (DS1250/1650) with important dump.


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