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Unkown smd part D14JL

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Hello, I need help identifying 2 blown parts from a Li-Ion battery charger. It has slots for 8 batteries charging up to 2A. I removed the blown parts in the picture already, but they are ale the same on this side of the pcb. It's a sot-23 housing with the label D14JL as they are used to drive the coil, they might be mosfets, but the internet gave no hint. I would be pleased if someone has any glue with part this could be.
Thanks in advance. Regards Timo

Could be Si2321DS. D1 device code and total number of symbols do match.

Ok, I tried another type of p-Type Mosfet as the SI2321DS. I used a SI2301 P-Type 20V 2.8A. My immediate problem was a dead short when powering up. In my opinion these should be N-Type as the drain has +9V and +5V on both sitting next to the coil?

Can you show us the complete photo to provide some context? Which part drives the gate/base of the MOSFET/BJT?

Now, I have done what I should have done first  |O. I removed a working part and put it in the device tester. The result is shown in the picture. Any advice which replacement part I can use to replace the blown ones?
I also measured the drain of both near the coil, one is 5V, this should be for charging NiMH and the other one has 9V this should be for charging Li-Ion as on the source are 4.2V when charging Li-Ion.


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