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I am repairing a 1980s linear power supply (FG Elektronik NMC 8006, used in a small-series German computer). One of the diodes in the 5V rectifier has become conductive.

The diode comes in a package I have not seen before -- see the attached photo: The body is a flat disk, 10 mm diameter, 4.5 mm tall. The terminals are flat and circular too, a tad less than 6 mm diameter. There is no lettering on the package, just a red color code for the anode side, and "10 A diodes" silkscreened on the PCB.

FG Elektronik have done a nice job mounting these diodes, with good heat transfer both to the PCB and to a mounting/connecting tab on the opposite side. Two diodes share one connecting tab -- one of these is also shown in the photo. Hence I would like to replace the diode with one in the same package.

I have scrolled through many catalog pages of diodes at Mouser but can't find this type of package. Any hints how it might be called? Thank you!

Possibly some of these?

You might have to search far and wide for an exact equivalent, or NOS originals.  Also, depending on which side of Germany that was, consider ex/Soviet sources?

If nothing else you could keep the block and stuff an SMT schottky underneath, almost no one's the wiser?  (Schottky just for the poorer on-board heat dissipation, save a bit of temp rise.)


Looks more like a button cell battery to me.


--- Quote from: mzacharias on March 23, 2023, 01:37:19 pm ---Looks more like a button cell battery to me.

--- End quote ---
There is a saying "Looks can be deceiving".  Applicable to you in this case.   :)

They are rectifiers.  I have some of that package type.

I was able to find a few examples with the keyword "Press-pack Diode".

Seems to be available from the typical rectifier manufactures IXYS, Infineon Little fuse etc. but it seems they are mostly larger than your example.

Hope you can find a suitable one.


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