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Venom Dual 2-10 Amp Lipo Charger?

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 Hey folks! This is my first post here and I don't know if any of your are familiar with Lipo chargers for Remote Control Helicopters but it shouldn't matter I don't suppose.

 The problem I'm having is this.... I plugged in a 4 cell Lipo battery to port 2 of my Venom Dual 2-10 Amp charger yesterday and I heard a tiny pop. Since then the charger gives a broken connection error message.

I've taken the case apart to look inside to see if there was something obviously wrong with the charger but found nothing.

 Where do I go from here?

There are some fairly large capacitors on each port and I wonder if the one on port 2 might have failed.
Or maybe I should look elsewhere?

I've fixed a few things on circuit boards long as someone can point me in the right direction or if there is something obviously burned out. I don't know a lot about tracking down an issue when none is apparent.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated.

some good internal pictures of both sides of the circuit board would help :)

 Here are some pics. Let me know if another angle is needed. Thanks.

 Now both ports in the charger are dead. I plugged a battery in this evening and heard a tiny pop just like port 2 did and now I get a broken connection error message on port 1 as well.

I think I may have some blown mosfets. I took the heat sink off this evening and I can see two areas of the board that have gotten pretty hot. There in the same place on each port. Each spot has a cluster of 4 MOSFETS.

Can I test those in the board? I'm getting a reading on some of them after opening the gate but not all of them. I can't get my pics to load now. I'll try again later. 

 If you look at the 2nd pic on the back of the board there are 2 dark areas. The mosfets are on the other side of the board in those dark areas.

 Here are the pics with the heat sink off. You can see the two dark areas surrounding the Mosfets.
Both sides

Right Side

Left side


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