Author Topic: Viable to refurbish Whaledent UC1-110 ultrasonic cleaner??  (Read 647 times)

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I have an older Whaledent UC1-110 ultrasonic cleaner that appears to function but also appears to be weak in its action even though it is rated at 110 Watts.  I'm attributing that to the piezo elements wearing out over time.  I tried a foil test on the machine and it was only able to puncture the foil in a few spots leading me to that conclusion.  The UC1 has an operating frequency of 55KHz and finding aftermarket transducers at that frequency is difficult.  It is very easy to purchase 50W 40KHz ceramic transducers from many online suppliers so one option I have is to refurbish the cleaner by replacing the two OEM transducers and OEM driver card with modern equivalents.  I'm not an expert in ultrasonics so I don't know if this plan is viable.  Would I be able to do this change and end up with a functioning device?

Foil test results:

OEM Piezo transducers:
- Robert

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