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Video: Capacitor Leakage testing

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For folks that repair/restore electronics, especially vintage electronics...  A common need is to test capacitors for leakage at high voltages.  My latest video discusses this, and shows a nice high-voltage leakage tester from the Antique Wireless Association:

Alan, here you go with yet another excellent video. Also, the aesthetic of the tester is pretty nice - it could easily pass as an age-appropriate tester. Thank you for doing these videos.

Per Hansson:
Thanks for making this video Alan, watched it yesterday.

There is a simplified circuit available here ;)

I especially appreciate the absence of humming ahems and hints to a Patreon-hidden page where the mystique of a such tester might be revealed. Instead we here find a clear declaration of the circuit and the actual reality of enough DC volts to test the cap.  Less smoke and mirrors, more science.


Nice project and great video as always Alan. Have you ever used your Tek 576 to look at capacitor leakage?


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