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Video Teardown and Repair of an Agilent 86120B Multi-Wavelength Meter

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In this episode Shahriar repairs an Agilent 86120B Multi-Wavelength Meter. The instrument reports “E14 Data Acquisition Problem” which corresponds to a potential internal HeNe reference laser failure. After the instrument disassembly, the old HeNe laser is removed and its optical power is compared to that of a new laser. The measurements confirm that the old laser has significantly deteriorated in output light intensity. The new laser is fitted inside the unit and the error message is eliminated. The free-space optic portion of the instrument is revealed and the principle operation is reviewed. Various components of the Michelson Interferometer is examined.

To test the correct operation of the instrument, a single tone semiconductor laser is applied to the unit and the result is compared to a different wavelength meter. The concept behind the operation of a Fabry-Perot laser is also presented before the signal is applied to the wavelength meter.

You can view the video at: [42 Minutes]

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Just started watching. Delightful video as always, Shariar! Keep up the good work.

Good job with the teardown, and subsequent laser replacement. That machined laser case is beautiul on the inside.

Thanks! It's really great to be able to see what's inside some of the more exotic tech!


--- Quote from: AhhhChoo on March 31, 2014, 08:34:55 am --- :-+ :-+

It's a shame that the laser has to be replaced when it has just 2dBm difference in output level. Pitty they don't recycle them.

The one thing I do not like about the electronics industry is the enormous amount of waste that goes on (if it fails then just toss it in the bin), the amount is just mind boggling at times.

--- End quote ---

Yes, I agree. The amount of unnecessary waste is staggering.


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