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Vintage CD player repair : Philips CD 371 AKA Radiola CD 1371

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--- Quote from: Vince on June 10, 2021, 05:20:11 pm ---Shame... last summer when I was sweating rfioxing this horrible Gould scope, you said you were performing your talent on the dining table because the new house was still not finished ?!
That's extreme... lab room still not habitable ? Still no bench, still sharing space with the chicken and salad ?

--- End quote ---
Still the same uncomfortable situation, not moving fast.

--- Quote from: Vince ---Ah yes I had forgotten about that ! Yes I must try it one day ! But I need to use a decent hot air station if I want to stand a chance of success. MY cheap 40 Euros station just won't cut it, I would just ruin the board...
Need a "Quick" station or its recent clone from Atten, which I saw priced as low as 150 Euros  ?!  :o MIght have been a promotion don't know, but still.
Price has now become affordable so I will definitely get one in the not too distant future.

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I get plenty done with my Atten 858D+ sometimes a little preheat from underneath makes all the difference. I find the tool would gain a lot by having a supple silicone cable. Make sure you train on disassembling various types of PCBs.

--- Quote from: Vince ---Wow, how do you know the pinout and functionality of that chip is the same as the proprietary Tek chip ?! Quite a gamble eh ?!  :o
Or you mean use that chip as an external circuitry feeding the external trigger in put of the scope, as I suggested yesterday ?

--- End quote ---
Neither really... I seriously doubt the ADPCM580 has a similar pinout, functionality I expect to be very close.
I wasn't thinking of use on Ext Trig. either, but rather fitting it in the scope in place of the defective Tek trigger IC's, either dead-bug style or on some kind of adapter board/flex.

--- Quote from: Vince ---Oh, quite successful then ! All the Lecroy sold in the end, good !  :-+
Didn't know you had a 2230. I contemplate one just to complete my Tek 2000 series "collection"... but have obviously zero need for it given I have a 2232 already... which is in need of a little TLC / fixing up when I get time for it... beam just won't focus, scope did not like its year spent in storage... neither did my rack mount type 5111A that's now extremely ill, poor little thing  :(

--- End quote ---
I sold all the LeCroy's I wanted to sell, still have a DDA-120, LT354, 9354M, 9354L, 9344, 7200, shattered 9384...
Funny your 2232 is out of focus, when I switched my 2230 on after almost 2 years storage because I decided to sell it, it was out of focus too, checked all the high value resistors, cleaned PCB and other obvious stuff but it turned out that replacing the Murata HV multiplier solved the problem. Although working, the replacement part was far from new, this further motivated me to sell the scope ASAP...

--- Quote from: Vince ---CDM12.1 ..... the 30 year old salvage one that the Ebay china seller pretended to be NEW. I let it pass originally, 2 weeks ago when I received it. Didn't want to bother. So I left no feedback good or bad,  just ignored the guy.
Unfortuantely (for him), yesterday he sent me an (automated I guess) e-mail ASKING me to leave feedback, and even going as far as INSTRUCTING me to leave a  5 STAR feedback !!  This guy is provoking me ?! Is he suicidal or what ?!
So this time I obliged and left a minus 20 star review, with a comment telling it how it is, basically " RUN AWAY  !! Kepp your money, prenteds its new but is clearly a 30 year old crusty salvaged unit, and the pick-up flatflex is not even shorted/clamped !!!  KEEP YOUR MONEY RUN AWAY  as fast as you can !!! ".

Guy replied saying hey you can't leave me  negative feedback, it will hurt my business badly !!! Let me give you a partial refund (paid 10 Euros for the thing), let's talk !!.

Did not reply. Today he wrote again, BEGGING me to find a solution, to discuss, call me his "friend" (eh ?!  :o ), and this time offering a FULL refund...

I am done with this guy, I won't reply to any of his messages. He fucked with me and asked me for my feedback, now he needs to be held accountable for his actions ! That's life sorry bob ! But I am not worried for the Ebay "reputation" of his business.... I am sure one of his Chinese buddies already has developed some virus/malware that can manipulate the Ebay servers to removed negative reviews from this account all by magic !!!

How can these scum bags of sellers fuck with people and seriously expect to be get a 5 star review with just a couple Euros refund ? Do they think they can buy people with some silver money ? Really ?   :--  You can keep my 10 Euros my "friend", and also keep my negative review,  FUCK YOU !!!!!   :--

--- End quote ---
I'm not sure how eBay functions these days, all I know is that I much dislike it on the whole. I recently gave negative feedback for that non-new PCI9050 bought for the Gould DSO, next time I checked the negative feedback had been removed... I then tried the "want to return goods" procedure saying that either I wanted money back or to leave them the feedback they deserve. I'm meant to be refunded (maybe) even if I have no intention of returning the part.

Anyway, let's get back to CD player LED drivers....  ^-^


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