Author Topic: Vintage CD player repair : Sony CDP-291 with transport issues...  (Read 1812 times)

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Re: Vintage CD player repair : Sony CDP-291 with transport issues...
« Reply #50 on: May 26, 2021, 04:01:39 pm »
Back for the final episode. Took "only" 2 weeks to get the replacement motor/servo driver chip from China.

Looks brand new, and still sealed in what looks like a cut reel for a pick and place machine. Inspired confidence. Confidence was high.

Then also had to do something about the mutilated pickup flat flex.   Luckily I had one in stock that was the same pitch, almost the same length but not shorter, rather a little longer, so great. Was wider/more conductors, so I trimmed it to the proper width with a sharp blade, was easy enough. So that bit at least did not cost me anything. I knwe slavaging all these flat flex cables was not a pure waste of time and space, see ! !!  :-DD

So, put the "new" cable in place, soldered the nex chip on the BD board.... no joy.

At leas tnow the pickup stopped banging and bouncing on its stop, so that's good . However it won't move AT ALL now ! When you insert a disc it does not move, when you power up the player normally it should move to the center of the disc, it does not.
Spindle does not spin. Tray opens up when you press the button on the front panel, however when you press it again, this time to close it... it won't react at all, dead as a dodo. However it CAN close.... if you power the player up while the tray is open, it will automatically close it. So it can close it.... when IT wants to, not when III ask it to !

Wasted enough time an money on this thing. Maybe the chip is counterfeit, or defective, I don't care.... I am done with this POS. It's so cheaply built even if I could sell it it would not pay me for the chip I bough and the time I spent on it... so it's time to be reasonable and call it quits.

I have not put it back together hastily, and stacked it on top of my "for parts" pile. A growing pile...

You can't fix them all...


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