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Synology Capacitor Identification
« on: May 26, 2021, 03:52:01 pm »
I've searched Google and this forum for a clear answer on identifying capacitors from the values printed on top of them but I'm drawing a blank.
This is the main board from a Synology NAS that's circling 8 years old but I love it and use it daily. The fan bearing started to get noisy so i popped her open and replaced the fan in the back with a nicer Noctua one, as well as dust bunny removal and thermal paste replacement.

In doing this i noticed that all the caps are starting to get cap juice all over the board so I was hoping to replace them with equivalent ones and clean off the juice w/ isoalcohol. Here's where I'm stuck. The markings on the tops of the caps are alien to me (little to no electronics experience) and can't find a reliable source to tell me what the numbers mean.

Can a kind user point me in the direction of how to identify the caps from the numbers (and maybe a good supplier for the same in the UK)?


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Re: Synology Capacitor Identification
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2021, 04:56:11 pm »
The Nichicon FP capacitors (red) are 100uF 16v polymer capacitors.  101 = 10 x 101 = 100 . You can probably replace with 100 , 120 or 150 uF and something rated for 16v or 25v , but 100uF should be easy to source.

The blue one is 560 uF 6.3v ... united chemi-con ... the diameter is big enough that they don't have to use the short notation.  You can probably use 680uF if you can't find 560uF and you can use 10v or 16v rated capacitors if you can't find 6.3v

Same about the second picture ,,, 560uF 2.5v .. could use 4v rated or 6.3v rated polymer capacitors.

The capacitors are solid / polymer, they don't have electrolyte so they should not leak any liquids. 

If you insist on buying capacitors, you have Farnell (or their uk retail site : )  or  or rs components

Here's a rs components with polymer capacitors with filters pre-applied to show only your values and voltage ratings) :,4292049503,4292049087,4292049502,4292049401,4292049504,4294466453,4294465515,4294465526,4294466461,4294466607,4294817747,4294466465

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Re: Synology Capacitor Identification
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2021, 05:33:41 pm »
I think you don't need to replace those capacitors. The stain on the PCB in your picture looks more like residual flux.

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