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Vintage fan doesn't play nice with electronics

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I have recently been given a charming old oscillating desktop fan, pictures attached.

It still works nicely however I noticed that the instant I turned it off it triggered the surge protection shut down on the wireless router that was plugged in adjacent to it. Flyback spike?

Any suggestions for modding the fan so that it plays nicely with todays delicate electronics? I'd like to use it if possible.

Surge protection or GFCI?

Those fans are great. As kids, the only thing we wouldn't put in those fans were our fingers!

What kind of plug is on that beast?

Plug is a standard 3 prong, Australian style one.

Re surge protector or GFCI, those are units that trip on a surge and then remain off until you reset or replace them yeah?

I was hoping for something that would fix the issue so that the surge doesn't occur in the first instance.

Simplest would be to open it and place a VDR across the mains input and the switch contacts, along with replacing the by now very decrepit mains filter capacitor or filter inside it. Probably needs the split capacitor changed as well, and a check of insulation resistance of the motor and mains lead as well.

I would prefer to place a .22uF X2 type capacitor in series with a 47 ohm resistor in parallel with the motor.


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