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xrunner did a high level button recreation using a 3D printed button - sanded, primed then painted.

 He gives away some secrets on reply # 110705 in the TEA section https://www.eevblog.com/forum/testgear/test-equipment-anonymous-(tea)-group-therapy-thread/msg3926399/#msg3926399

My little contribution to the thread, nothing like the stuff here. But I'm pretty happy, is an odd duck. Still need to sort out the cable, the original was replaced by a modern one but is beat up and not attached properly. The magic eye!!

TERRA Operative:
Does anyone know a good way to reapply white lettering onto flat panels, like the red plastic used on the displays on 80's HP gear and on Tek TM500 modules?

It would be simple with a laser printer if I could print white.....

Hi anyone here can id, this type of rivet. Trying to keep it as original as possible.

Hollow brass rivet, Mcmaster carr will have them, though you might have to order a pack of 100 of them. Otherwise hobby shops tend to have thin wall brass tubing that you can use to make them, just cut a small piece off ( use a drill bit shaft that is a snug but sliding fit in the tube, then grind the tube to cut it as an easy way to not crush it) then flare out the one end, insert then flare out the other end.


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