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Does it fit on standard 2.54 header? Example picture of header in https://kr.misumi-ec.com/vona2/detail/222005577741/. In case you need also the locking, than it will be harder.

They look similar to JAE IL-G series, if 2.50mm pitch
The JAE 0.1 inch pitch is not in latest catalog
The JAE cable contacts are separate part number on a reel and click in after crimping.
Crimper was special. the contacts can be hand soldered to wire if care is taken to minimise solder so the crimp ears can be bent in

If you have to change both the pcb header and cable side, I use Phoenix contact PTSM

4 pin example:
PCB header - PTSM 0,5/ 4-HV-2,5-thr r32
Cable Plug - PTSM 0,5/ 4-P-2,5-

The cable plugs have push-in locking receptacles I have used AWG 22 and 24 stranded.
The 4 pin width fits 0.1 inch pcb OK. 8 pins would have 0.32mm length error over length, might still be OK for a repair job

Good thought, hadn't tried a 2.54 header.  I just tried and the spacing is just large enough to through off anything larger than the 2 pin connection.
I appreciate your input.

Thanks, i’ll investigate your links. Don’t think i can find the originals for replacement, so Plan B!

David D:
New guy here!

I have searched and cannot find any info on the frosted/anti-glare coating that HP used on the front panels of the 90's gear like my 8903B. Apparently, it had some stickers on it at one time and when they peeled them off, the coating came off as well. I've thought about trying some matt or frosted clear spray paint, but would like to know if anyone else has delt with this before.


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