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I don't think it would be a very easy thing to restore.

I thought of peeling off the old coat of "Frosting" and just leave it as that, but that may damage the actual good material underneath.

Maybe you can cover the whole thing in stickers and peel them off along with the old coat.  :-DD

Anyways it doesn't seem like something that is a very important thing to fix and it's only a minor aesthetic defect. I personally would leave it alone for fear of possibly making it worse.

David D:
LOL, I have gotten quite good at removing stickers from surplus/vintage test gear over the years. I can remember using ether(!) to remove sticky tape residue back in the early 80’s. Had to be sure to use it in a well ventilated area!  :-[

It appears that the text on the front panel is under a clear plastic layer, so the frosted coating could be carefully removed without damage to the text/paint. It’s not a high priority issue, but I’ll experiment when I get the chance and see what works.


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