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What component does" TR" used for on power board


Hi guys, hope your day is going well
I was measuring some components on this power supply that was shutting off after a while and the doesn't power on anymore, the component is in the photo below, it looks like a bead firrite, but the text simple is not for that its "TR" , I don't know what is for but the component is measuring high impedance
If any one know please share it

According to standard nomenclature that is a thermistor.
Thermistors (or temperature-dependent resistors) can either increase or decrease their resistance with temperature. These are called PTC and NTC respectively, for positive/negative temperature coefficient. The first type is also sometimes called a posistor.

If you test the resistance of the component at room temperature, and then after either heating with heat gun or using cold spray, you should see whether it is PTC or NTC.

Thanks for the reply I really appreciate it


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