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I had bought a this Car cooling fan and it worked fine but later one of the fans stopped working. I took it apart and checked everything I could. and it all seamed to work fine.

but the fan would still not work even though the other fan works fine plugged in to this fans wire. So I thought the component in the picture might be the problem. I googled the part number but found nothing. It has 4 prongs and looks like a transistor. it has the following written on it: "0CS 29830 0QAG"[attachimg=1]

It is likely OCH29830. It is a hall sensor with some integrated motor driver.

I suspect that it is a Hall Effect sensor.

OCS = Shanghai Orient-Chip Technology Co.,LTD

http://www.orient-chip.com/Pages/ProductDetail.aspx?cl=en&id=1823  (OCH29830)
http://www.orient-chip.com/Upload/File/2020-02-18/202002181350493678.pdf  (OCH29830)
http://www.orient-chip.com/Upload/File/2020-02-18/202002181354395734.pdf  (OCH29831)

Thanks I could never have guessed it.  :clap: :clap: :clap: when I turn it on the motor drives for a couple of revolutions and then stops working.
I have a multimeter, Can I test it with that?

plus how can I order one to repair it.

Thanks again

This is the circuit behind the coil,


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