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[solved] USB3-SATA dock/cradle/adapter for 3.5+2.5" hdds w/o 4K/sect. emulation?

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Can anyone give me any advice on choosing a USB3-SATA dock/station/adapter for 3.5" and 2.5" hard drives that can easily handle drive sizes of 4TB and larger?

However, 4K sector size emulation should not be used as I want to access hard drives that have been removed from a PC and have already been internally partitioned and formatted in the PC (512 bytes/sector).

I already have the dock shown in the photo, but it works with 4K emulation, so the HDDs formatted in the dock and in the PC are not interchangeable.

Reflashed firmware of my old Sharkoon SATA QuickPort XT USB 3.0 dock:

Good luck with your search. I have yet to find a vendor who knows anything more about their product than the price and how many they can move.

never had any problems with sata / ide dock  and many removed hdd from pc's,  from old era w9x  and up  ...

if the controller is recent enough say   2tb support and more,   it should support any hdd formatting / partitions   GPT boot    etc ...

unless you deal with very weird ones that i dont know ?   even recovered some unix drives ..

buy from Amazon, you can return it ??  or your local computer store ???


--- Quote from: coromonadalix on April 16, 2024, 11:00:50 pm ---never had any problems with sata / ide dock  and many removed hdd from pc's,  from old era w9x  and up  ...
--- End quote ---

I have seen hundreds (?) of cases in various storage forums.

USB adapters silently change the sector size:


I partitioned and formatted a 4TB hard drive in the PC (Win10).
Result: It is accessible in the PC (detects 512 bytes/sect.) but NOT accessible on my USB dock.
Problem: I can't access HDDs that have been removed from a PC.

I partitioned and formatted the same 4TB hard drive in my USB dock.
Result: It is accessible on the dock (detects 4KB/sect.) but NOT accessible in the PC.
Problem: If my USB dock breaks, installing HDDs in a PC won't allow me to access the HDDs formatted on USB dock.


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