Author Topic: [Solved] xbox one s unable to generate 3.3v stby, bst mystery via help  (Read 155 times)

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there is a mysterious via that comes off of the 3.3v_stby chip that is not listed anywhere on the Schematics i have for it, and the chip is unable to generate a proper 3.3v on the bootstrap pin. i have removed the resistor R4C20 to see if there was something bringing the BST pin down, but i cant figure it out. there is no direct short to ground, and yet i am unable to get a proper bootstrap voltage coming off.

with the resistor in place i was measuring .5v and with it missing i am getting 1v. the other curious thing, is when i try to measure from the pad of the resistor, i don't get any voltage except like 5mv, but measuring direct at the pin i get 1v. i did check for continuity between the pin and the resistor pad and i get continuity. so something is def weird there.

anyone can help me determine where this via goes and why i am getting funky readings?

Edit: Reflowing the chip has now made it generate the proper voltage
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