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yamaha amplifier repair (equivalent for 10gl2cz47)

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I need some help repairing a yamaha mixer/amplifier. I attached the schematic for the power supply. The unit was powered from a crappy generator at an outdoor party and when the fuse blew of course they used a shunt. The problem is this diode - 10gl2cz47. I can't find it anywhere. It's in the upper right corner of the schematic. I found the following parts blown also - q817(2sk2842) , r872,873,874,875 so i presume ic803 is fried also. If anyone has a bit of time to take a look i'd appreciate it. I attached the datasheet for the diode.  Please tell me a replacement for this diode.

Thank you!


They have over 3,000 at $3.35 each, I think it's the right part but double check.

Ebay.com 3 hits.

Also check the 20dl2c and 20fl2c from Toshiba for the 200 and 300 VRRM rating, couldn't find the 400 one equivalent.

Edit, duh, the 400 one is 20gl2c :)

Edit again: link to the 20gl2c from findchips http://www.findchips.com/search/20gl2c

datasheet: http://download.siliconexpert.com/pdfs/2012/2/12/6/52/45/133/tos_/manual/20gl2c41a_en_wm_20081227.pdf

but the link on my previous post will give you the original one.

thanks miguelvp   - i will look it up. The first link was 80$ shipping. That's the first reason for searching an equivalent so i can buy it in europe, maybe even a local dealer. I'll look at that 20gl2c. I didn't know what to choose because of that Ultra Fast Reverse-Recovery Time : trr=35ns (Max.) I found one diode in a local dealer that was rated 1200 Vrpm but the recovery time was 40 ns and i don't understand if that's an issue.  The datasheet is attached.


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