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[YT]DIY Automated BGA Reballing Station


Has anyone made a similar rework station to this nice 1 ? How about with the 500W lamp version, I have one of those. I really want to get an under heater, or pre-heater, besides my toaster oven, for playing around with old motherboards and GPU's, etc.

So I'll probably do something like this down the road. I could order all of it today, it's not on the top of the list, and it's a big project. But I could get something like the 853A station as a start. Any recommendations on which cheap under heater to get ? My cheap hotair station can't safely remove, stuff from mobo's or GPU's.

I've watched this video before, but I can't remember any price range he might have said. Anyone make a similar thing? What did it cost ?

Amazon/ebay have preheater's like these 600W ones. In the video, you can add your own precision controllers, maybe beef up the components too. Or make a metal box and add a lamp I guess.

 DIY Automated BGA Reballing Station. Make Your Own At Home! From Low Budget to Mid Budget.


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